Shaved my hair!

Shaved my hair!

Santa and Joshua

Santa and Joshua

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I start chemo/radiation tomorrow

I feel more anxious than scared to start my treatments. I pray that this will rid of any cancer cells left behind after my tumor was removed 4 weeks ago. It seems so long ago.

I feel alot better than I did last week, but still get tired (exhausted) from what seems to be so little. I will continue to rest and hope I regain my strength a little day by day. I may be even more tired though from my treatments, so we shall see. Wish me luck.


Brother Rick and family said...

We are thinking of you today (as we do everyday) as you begin your treatments. This is a great way to keep all informed of your progress etc. We will look forward to hearing how you have made out once we return from NYC.
Lots of love from Rick, Donna, Alicia and Emma.

Robynne said...


How I wish I could be with you today and everyday as you start this chapter of of you life. i know that you will slay this demon and come out healthier than ever. My thoughts and parayers are with you always. Stay strong, we are with you!!

Love ya, Robynne

Sheila said...

Please know that we are thinking of you and sending lots of strength-good health wishes your glad that you've started this! BTW, we were in Jerusalem last week and said a special prayer for you at "The Western Wall"...
Sheila, Ronnie, Myaan, Yarden and Zeev

Sister Robynne and Family said...

Hi Chuck:

Hope that yesterday went well and that you tolerated the chemo okay. I can't remember the schedule of treatments for the week, but know that you continue to be in my prayers. Stay strong and focussed.

Love ya, Robynne

Anonymous said...

Dear Chuck... You've been in my thoughts, and I hope your first day wasn't too hard on you. But I know it's good to finally knuckle down... and I remember that although some days were better than others, it felt empowering to be "in the ring", and fighting the beast at close range. Take good care,

Love, Janet and Marty

Dawn Findley said...

My best wishes to you during this time in your life. You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday!


Lindsay said...

hey chuck,
thinking of you all the time and everyday. sending you strength and love. there's no doubt in my mind you'll beat this!!
love, lindsay

jeff a mcquistion said...

hey charlie- hang tough, get well, and hurry back. heidi & i are praying for you- jeff

Robbi said...

Hi Charlie
I never get to write you you or
talk to you.
This is Robbi from Infieldparking
Michelle has kept all of us updated
on you and your progress, I called when you were in the Hospital but the doctor was there with you. so i didn't get to talk to either one of you. But i just want to say!!!!!!!
Just because you and Michelle don't know me, doesn't mean i don't think about you 2 every day. What your going through is a long hard rough road for you whole family, i have been there and done this. You want to be strong for everyone, But now it's time for everyone to be strong for you. You get your rest and take care of your self and DO what the doctor says ~smiles~....There is nobody more willing to do anything for you right now Like your family.

And always remember there is more people praying for you and your family..on the other end of that computer..

Bye Sweetie

Anonymous said...

hi Chuck - just wanted to stop by and say how great it is that you're feeling so much better - wonderful news!!!!!!! Bruce and I are just sitting here on this very wet but mild Saturday afternoon watching the Argos and Winnipeg play for first place. I now will always associate you with the Argos. What a fantastic game they played last weekend in Montreal. I'm with you GO ARGOS GO ALL THE WAY TO THE GREY CUP.
Happy belated birthday Michelle. Keep up the good fight Chuck and love to you all.

Lin & Bruce Munro

Anonymous said...

hi Charlie, Michelle and girls and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Sorry to hear about your aunt Janet - she sounded like a most amazing lady. Keep her in your heart and think of her often for your strength. Great news that you're back to work and it will only get better from here. Nice that you were able to have some of the family come visit and that you will be able to return to Bobcaygeon soon for a few days - enjoy every minute of your visit. Too bad about the Argos on Sunday - we watched, I wept (hee, hee) - and just didn't understand why they didn't let Allen take over as QB - ah well you know what they say about armchair coaches!!
Once again, glad you're feeling so much better. Keep the faith and keep on thinking all those positive thoughts.
Hope you enjoyed the lasagne and the "new boyfriends".
with luv - Lin and Bruce Munro