Shaved my hair!

Shaved my hair!

Santa and Joshua

Santa and Joshua

Friday, September 7, 2007

End of the week

Well, it's Michelle again. Charlie is sleeping as I type this. He has had another day of being very tired and no energy. Yesterday (Thursday) was awesome. He and I couldn't believe how much better he seemed. Wednesday was Hell. Anyway, we finished the week of radiation. He has one more week off until chemo starts back up on the 17th. Anyway, I won't make this long, just again ask you to remember us in your prayers and thoughts daily. I am really hoping that Charlie has time to get on here this weekend.

Hugs, Blessings & Love
Charlie, Michelle, Jessie & Erica xoxxo


Anonymous said...

Michelle, although we have never met I am a public school friend of your Charlie, to me Chuck. My mother and June have been friends forever and she mentioned to me that you both had been maintaining this blog. We have read it here together and I can appreciate how heartwarming and comforting having a network of people sending you and your family positive messages must be. So add me to those who think of you often, and maybe don't write, but have you all in their prayers.
Charlie, (Chuck meant in no disrespect), I have kept up with your adventures over the years and have always been happy to hear of your finding love and happiness. Have been touching base with your brother from time to time, regarding your family’s Argonaut passion. I hope he and Jody will be able to make it to a Grey Cup game but I understand how busy these times are. You must be thrilled being an uncle! Stephanie is due with her second in November and my niece Hannah just started grade 2….time does pass quickly doesn’t it. I am the late bloomer but enjoying a job with the Toronto District School Board as a Behaviour consultant and count myself as blessed. Funny the turns life takes – just 3 years ago I was off work sick for over a year. It was then I learned to trust in the process and know that better things were on the horizon. I hope that given the notes in your blog’s last entry, better things are on the horizon for you as well….we are all pulling for you.

If you

Anonymous said...

Hi Chuck, Mom here
Hope it has cooled off somewhat at your home. To-day it is calling for rain, but the sun keeps trying to come through. It's cool, but a nice Fall cool. I really can't believe Fall is here, I'm still waiting for summer, it went by in a flash.

I have been washing collectibles to-day and packed another box for the Diabetic Association. Talked to them Friday and I think the lady was overwhelmed when I told her I already had 35 boxes [a little mollified when I said they weren't too big, that I could carry them].

As I do these mindless chores, my heart and thoughts are with you guys in Traverse City. So glad to hear you had a good day, sorry that it didn't last longer but gives hope that more will follow.

Did you ask about food you can eat to make you stronger, keep the white blood cell count up?

Not sure what to do next, so many lists. I may just have a nap.........have been waking and then getting up at quite early hours the last few days.

Very quiet around here, I guess the cottagers didn't think it was going to be a very nice week-end.

Great hearing from Rachelle. Her Mom and I had a great visit, Saturday of Labour Day week-end.

Will close now, sending major hugs and love your way.

Talk to you again soon. All my love Mom.

Robynne said...

Hello Chuck:

Just arrived home from church where I updated my parish on your progress/treatments, etc. I thought I could get through my little speech with no problem as I have been talking about your diagnosis with people daily for months. As I stood up to address the congregation, my throat closed up and the tears fell. I quickly finished my blurb, thanking all for their continued support and prayers. During coffee time, I think every single member of my church came up to me with a hug, words of encouragement and their assurance that our family and especially you and yours were in their daily prayers. Just wanted you to know that so many people that you do not know are praying for you and wishing for you a speedy recovery. Keep the faith and stay stong. We will prevsil and beat this damn disease!!

Love ya, Robynne

Anonymous said...

Hey TC Jokinens!
I hope that you had a good weekend and were able to spend some time together....Chuck, I hope that you are feeling stronger. As everyone has said, we too are constantly thinking of you. The Jewish New Year is this week and we'll be sure to say a special prayer for you, and wish for lots of strength for Michelle too....Big hugs and lots of good thoughts coming your way from Tiberias....
Sheila and her gang

Jodi Kerr-Taylor (Jones) said...

Chuck, Michelle & family,
My parents have told me of your journey and I just wanted to let you know that my heart goes out to you all and what you are going through. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. To me, the hardest part of "growing up" is losing touch with all of those who you've spent so much time with. Life can be so hectic sometimes, with jobs and family. My kids keep me so busy and I don't get to spend a lot of time up in Bobcaygeon. My parent's cottage doesen't have a lot of extra sleeping space for a family of 7! I remember fondly all the things we used to do up there, especially the Thanksgivings at the Clarke's. When I tell the kids about them, I don't think they can believe that their old mom ever used to do anything for fun!!
Please know that I am thinking of you all as you continue your journey. Embrace the good days, they will give you the strength that you need on the harder days. I will continue to read of your progress and check back with you soon.
Love and Best Wishes,
Jodi & Family