Shaved my hair!

Shaved my hair!

Santa and Joshua

Santa and Joshua

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Good Morning everyone

Good Morning everyone. Just checking in. I woke up feeling pretty crappy, but, I have my heat pad on, and my neck wrap (heated) on, and I am finally feeling a bit better. We just finished watching the movie Memphis Belle, which was pretty good. Now we are getting ready for the Nascar race. Just checked out the Argo game from yesterday, and see that they didn't do too well. Better luck next weekend against Winnipeg. Someday I will get a Canadian Satellite dish so I can watch some Canadian programming here in Michigan. I don't even think we were able to watch the Grey Cup last year. Anyways, my renewed enthusiasm of the Argo's is thanks to Mr. Rich Stubler, who I am thrilled to have had visit our blog, and has also sent me an Argo's cap and polo shirt. Thanks Rich, I am sure my brothers are jealous!!

Tomorrow I restart my chemotherapy. So I hope I am feeling better tomorrow. It sucks not feeling well, and going into town, knowing that I will probably feel like crap after chemo. Our Oncologist said I am doing well, and that the treatments I am going through is a tough treatment. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't be feeling as bad as I do, so it was good to hear that what I am feeling is normal.

I don't think we have mentioned this yet, but I have started to lose some hair this week. It just kind of falls out as I run my hand across my scalp. Kind of frustrating, but I think I will just cut my hair short and not worry about it. It will come back.

That's it for now. Thanks again everyone for all your thoughts and prayers. It really does help and makes us all feel better.

Talk to you all soon.

Love Charlie, Michelle, Jessica and Erica.


Nancy said...

Greetings from Shanty Bay....
I just got home from church Chuck, and wanted to let you know that the congregation of St. Thomas has you in their prayers and sends their best wishes to you, Michelle and the girls. Our minister announced at this morning's service that they will be creating a new bulletin board that will display a photo of each person who is on the prayer list at St. Thomas, so with your permission I would like your smiling face to be added to that board. A small gesture, but it will be nice to connect faces to the names listed in the weekly bulletin.

I'm certain that I speak for all of us when I say that we are each so incredibly blessed to live in the communities that we do, receiving support from friends, neighbours, and co-workers. If only such goodwill could heal the world, what a truly wonderful place it would be....

Enjoy your afternoon watching the race and getting some rest...I will be curled up with this week's required reading for school, which admittedly, will not be nearly as entertaining as Nascar!

Much love to all of you,
Nancy xo

Jonathan said...

Hey Chuck,

Good to hear the positive attitude in your recent post. Claire and I are a mere 9 days away from our Baby's due date....very scary. You should try cheering on a better team than the AGRRRRRRGOOOOOOOsssss.....I think the Oskee WhaWhasss 'Ti-Cats' would be a better choice!
Stay strong Buddy!

Jon & Claire

Robynne said...

Hi Chuck:

I echo Nancy's comments, it amazes me how many people at my church, at my school, in my life - ask me daily how you are doing. There are so many people who are paraying and thinking of you and Michelle Nd the kids. What a wonderful community I have. Who exactly is Rich Stubler and how did he get on to your Blog? Any how, I tried to watch the game (Argo's/Lion's) but I just couldn't get into it. I should dash as I would like to get ready to watch the Emmy's.

Good Luck tomorrow with Chemo, as always, I'm there with you!!!


Robynne (and of course, Randy, Meghan, Cory, and Roly)

Charlie. said...

Hey everyone. Just wanted to let everyone know who Rich Stubler is, if you don't already know. He is the Assistant Coach and Defensive Coordinator of the Toronto Argonauts!! Talk to you all soon.

Rich Stubler said...

Rachelle Duffus is the person who informed me of the existence of Chuck's blog and the fight he is undergoing and make no mistake about it - it is a fight and Chuck needs all the support and friends he can get. I am just happy that I can join in the support network.

I too am a cancer survivor - a touch of melanoma which was surgially removed a few years ago. I am fortunate that it has not returned. I have a great deal of faith in the power of positive thinking. And faith in hat family and friends are the best medicine in he world.

I am gong to look into getting Chuck a Canadian dish so he can watch the Argos this year and next year and the year after that and the year after that...

By the way - my college roomate at the University of Wyoming was from the Traverse City area - beautiful place.

Olson4Racing said...

Glad to hear that your WBC is up, as for the hair no husband is loosing his and the only excuse he has is old age..ha ha! Did you get your Michigan renewals in the mail, we got ours and the campsites went up another 5.00! What is 5.00, for a good time? One of my clients had cancer 7 years ago in her knee and it is back, they are going to amputate her leg...she is just like you a wonderful attitude..she feels she will be able to ride a bike now and all kinds of stuff. Very good outlook, you are the same. I just love your attitude and great spirits. Can't wait to meet you at MIS or maybe even before then. Give Boogity a big kiss from me and Bailey. Take care...Misty (Olson4Racing)

rICK2G said...

Hi Chuck and great to hear from you but I need to learn how to use this blog site. Talk shortly. Rick

rICK2G said...

OK maybe I finally got it! Anyway, great to hear from you Chuck but we also love to hear from Michelle. We've sent several messages but had not been in the blog world before so I guess they went to cyberspace! So without repeating our prayers are with you, Michelle, the girls and all the family. God bless from the Henrys

Anonymous said...

hi Charlie and Michelle - Lin Munro here. Just wanted to say hello and let you know that Bruce and I think of you often. You're right about the Argo game Charlie -it was horrid. Too bad that the Grey Cup is in Toronto and they don't really stand a chance of being a part of the final. Oh well maybe next year. Good news about your blood pressure and hey that hair thing - short or shaved off is all the rage so you'll be very fashionable!!
Keep up the good fight and know we're all pulling for you.

chow for now - Lin & Bruce