Shaved my hair!

Shaved my hair!

Santa and Joshua

Santa and Joshua

Monday, September 10, 2007

Hey everyone..another update from Michelle

Hello. I really had hoped that Charlie would have been on here to update you himself on the issues we had today but he has slept all day. He really needs his rest so you are stuck hearing from me again.
Every Monday he has to go have a finger poke so the Dr. can check his white and red blood cell count and his platlet count (determines how fast his blood clots). Then we were going to be on our way to radiation. However, his wbc were way too low. (normal range is 4.6 - 10.0) His was 1.25. The radiation and chemo destroy healthy cells as well as the cancer cells. From what the lab lady told us it means the bone marrow is not helping his body make enough wbc. The wbc count is so important, it is what he needs to fight any infection that may try to come his way. He has to take his temp 2x a day right now, call the Dr if he has any signs of a fever 100.4 or greater. Tuesday morning he is going in to have an injection that is suppose to help his body produce more wbc/bone marrow. They told us the injection is going to cause bad pain in his bones for a few days. He cannot have radiation again untill his body can make more wbc. We get it re-checked on Thursday.
I hope what I have written makes some sense. Please feel free to leave a note if you have more questions or just want to say hi. It means the world to us.
God Bless you and yours...
All our love
Charlie/Chuck,Michelle,Jessie & Erica


chris said...

Good morning...Brother Chris here. Thanks you for the updates Michelle, you're doing great keeping everyone informed. Hang in there Chuck, you're doing great too! We're thinking of all of you, all the time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chuck
Sending TONS of love your way, thinking of you always. Hang in there, I know you can beat this. Everyone that I see in town, asks about you and sends their love and prayers. All the Kinettes, friends, people that I didn't know I knew, everyone is thinking of you.

Love to you Chuck, Michelle, Jessica and Erica

Mom/Minna 0X0X0X0X0X0X

Janet J said...

Dear Chuck... Just got back from the hospital, where I had been expecting to hear the results of my last CT scan, but instead ended up having the first of my next set of chemo treatments!! There wasn't much change on the scan, but they reckon it's a good idea to keep things under control with chemo. It's the same one I had last time (Doxil), which worked for me then, so keep your fingers crossed that it'll do the trick for me this time, as well.

Sorry to hear about your white blood count being low... I do know those shots DO work, however. We'll be thinking of you and hoping you don't have too many problems with the body pains. I mentioned you to my SWEET chemo nurses today (they are angels!), and they pass on their best wishes to you, too.

I will be posting a longer update soon, to the rest of the family, but wanted to let you know we are here for you. Take good care,

Lots of love, Janet and Marty

Mike said...

Hello from Shanty Bay,

Chuck, We're all thinking about you. Everywhere I go someone asks how's your Brother doing? Everyone wishes you well. Michelle, thanks for all the information. Hang in there, both of you.

Love to you all,
Mike, Nancy, Thomas & Marley