Shaved my hair!

Shaved my hair!

Santa and Joshua

Santa and Joshua

Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's been a rough day

Charlie is having a really bad day today. He had radiation this morning after he had his shot that is suppose to try and keep his WBC count up. This shot is similiar to the shot he received last week, however is meant to last many more days and be a lot more constant pain. :(
He has been having lots of trouble with his reflux/burned esphogas (sorry about that spelling there.) The Dr gave him some more tablets to see if it could be a form a yeast infection and he is pretty much on liquid only diet. His own doing. I feel so bad for him. His chest and back are getting radiation burns now too.
I had one of my molars removed today too. Nothing compared to what my baby is going thru. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers and we love to read your notes you leave behind. Enjoy the weather winter has to be right around the corner.
We love you all.
Oh, we have joined, if any of you belong to that, let us know and Charlie can help us set up with you. I don't know anything about it. lol Typical.
Love & Blessings


Jonathan said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're having a bad day, Chuck. Hopefully better days are right around the corner!
Michelle, please relay to Chuck one of my favourite quotes of Henry Ford.
"Whether You THINK YOU CAN, or think you can't, YOU'RE RIGHT".
When I say it to myself it makes me want to pick myself up and dust myself off.
Too many people love you buddy....we'll all get through this together, just hang tough; you're in good hands.
Jon & baby yet.

Robynne said...

Hello Dear Chuck:

I am so sorry that you are having such a rough go with your treatments. I believe though, that as awful as you feel, just think how awful thase nasty cnacer cells feel!!!

Stay stong and have faith.

We love you so much and are with you in spirit always.

Love ya, Robynne (and the rest of the clan)

Mom said...

Hi Chuck

Just when I think I have this BLOG mastered, then I'm not sure. Did manage to go back a few days and caught up on all the comments, but then couldn't go back any farther.

It is unbelievable to listen to all your friends, family and everyone who is sending messages. My everyday centres around good thoughts zinging their way to you. I just wish I was there to hug you to pieces. I love you and miss you so much.

Ron and Betty Ann Shaw are coming in a little while and we will be packing up stuff to go to the Salvation Army. The Diabetic Assoc. van came on Wednesday and 37 boxes and many green garbage bags are on their way to make money for the Assoc. Slowly and surely I am making my way through the house...............what to keep........what not. Now if it would only sell.

Will call you to-night to tell you how things went here and find out how things went there.

My love to all of you Chuck, Michelle, Jessica and Erica, miss you all. And my love to everyone who is sending their wishes to Chuck you are truly wonderful.

Talk to you soon. Yea Argos!

All my love Mom

Rich said...

Charlie -

Each day is a chance to get better - the hope your treatment provides is priceless - although the suffering you could do without - I remember whn my Dad was going to his last radistion treatments - we lived in a small Colorado mountain town and my mom had to drive him 100 miles each direction - and how uncomfortable he was sitting in the car with the burns on his skin - he was a freckled red head and his skin was so sensitive - he used to play the game with himself of "thinking" his pain to somewhere else on his body - told me it worked for him.

Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers - going to make a special effort to get to church on Sunday (not always possible as a coach) and light a candle for you all from Rachelle and I.


brother chris said...

The weekend is near Chuck, and better days are sure to be ahead. Rick and Mike and myself along with 35,000 other screaming fans will be cheering the Argos on to victory this Sunday in this must win game. Right Rich? Tickets compliments of Rachelle. Hoping to meet one of your biggest fans while we are down at the game. On this memorable day, know that we all love you and miss you, and know that you too will be victorious! Love to michelle and the girls.

Rich said...

I have an announcement for Chuck. You will be our honorary captain of the Argonauts this Sunday. Chris, Mike, and Rick will be on the field for the coin toss and a jersey will represent Chuck. We are all pulling for you and the Argonauts will have a moment of prayer for you and your efforts which are far more important than our effort this Sunday - and we are going to take some strength from you in our battle. If we fight as hard as you - the Grey Cup is not that far away.


Brother Rick said...

WOW, what can I say?
Rich, I look forward to Sunday to meet you and to thank you personally for the effort you have put forward towards Chuck's battle with cancer.
Thank you to Rachelle for bringing this 'fight' to your attention.
To be a part of this Sunday's Argo game is truly unbelievable. Because of distance and obvious health issues it is really a shame that Chuck cannot be with us in person but no doubt will be there in our hearts and in our minds. I only wish Dad was here to witness this outpouring of love and support Chuck and his family have been receiving. Dad was the biggest Argos fan of the family and will definitely be looking down on the game on Sunday....

brother chris said...

This is getting more and more incredible and surreal. I cannot believe the outpouring of support, no let me change that. I can and do believe the support being directed in Chuck's direction and everyone else close to Chuck. I am so looking forward to tomorrow. I will never forget this. I will be wearing my special Argos hat in honour of you Chuck and for dad who will sure to be watching, or listening to

Brother Mike said...

What more can I say, Chuck and Dad, wish you could join us. Rich, I am looking forward to meeting you and enjoying what will be a memorable event. Thanks to everyone for their continued support.

Rich said...

For all the brothers - y cell phone is 416-670-0190 - pease give me a call and we can set up a plan.

Chuck - we do wish you could join us - but you will be with us in spirit.

Enjoy the changing seasons this weekend and enjoy the game.


rICK2G said...

The Argos and the Jokinens how so very appropriate and you bet your Bob will be watching.

Cousin Lisa said...

Hey Chuck,
I can't get over this "Argo" thing that's going on! VERY COOL! I'm not sure if I really understand what is happening exactly - but I get that you are pretty famous here in T.O. And the whole thing with your bros on the field for the coin toss! Well what can I say? See how special you are!? Big hugs and positive vibes from me and Julian. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Michelle here. All I can say is thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Many tears have been shed here today, for how much love we feel.