Shaved my hair!

Shaved my hair!

Santa and Joshua

Santa and Joshua

Saturday, September 1, 2007

A note from Michelle

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by. I just wanted to send an update as Charlie hasn't been up to it the last few days. He is just so tired. This morning was really good, he didn't have a headache or the jaw pain he has been having. We think that is just from him now clenching his teeth. He finished his first week of radiation on Friday and now has 3 days off because of the holiday. I can't believe how fast the radiation is. He is only in there for 7 mins, and the guys are so nice. He is so strong and doing the best he can. He has developed a lump in his throat which he was told could happen, he says its just an annoying feeling. That's from radiation.
Well, again thanks for stopping by and checking on him. We are going to get thru this!!!!!!!!!!


Mom said...

Hi, this is Robynne for Mom. Just showing her how to leave a comment. Hope you are having a relaxing weekend and resting up for next weeks treatments.

Love ya, Robynne and Mom

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi it's Mom, all by myself, seeing if I can make this work.

I received an e-mail from Lynn Jones this morning, she got the blog but couldn't figure out how to make a comment. So I thought I better try so I could explain to her. I'll be back later

Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Mom again, I was at Uncle Don's and Aunt Lois' on Saturday for our annual pot luck supper and Lyn Munro was telling me about the comments she had left.

When I got home I told the kids who said they hadn't seen any from her.

Can you please let me know if you get my comments so I know I'm doing them right.

Love Mom

Jonathan said...

Hey Buddy!
Just wanted you to know that Claire a I are thinking about you today....and everyday!
Be strong and know that you'll get through this....I know it in my heart. You're so special to so many people.
Jon and Claire

Sister Robynne said...

Hi Chuck:

Hope you had an okay day and that your radiation treatment went well!! Thinking of you always,

Love Robynne

Nancy said...

Hey Chuck....
Just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about and everyday.
Trust in your faith and in yourself...this is surely just a small part of life's long journey.
Miss you and love you....

Anonymous said...

hi Charlie - Lin Munro here,
I did this the other day but guess I didn't have the process down quite right. Have been checking in to the blog regularily to see how you are doing. Can't even begin to imagine the struggle you are going through but have had close friends and family battling cancer in the past and know that a positive attitude goes a very long way (easy for me to say - right) But you are strong and have the most amazing support from family and friends, so keep the faith and know everyone is out there pulling for you. Bruce and I think of you lots and even though there isn't much we can do, just know you're in our thoughts and prayers.
We were up in Bobcaygeon this past weekend and it was sooooooo good to see your mom and give her a big hug instead of an email hug. We will be back up at Thanksgiving and will drop by the place one last time before your mom moves. Saw Trisha & Chris' new baby girl on Sunday - what a cutie she is. Take care of yourself, love to you, Michelle and the girls and I'll check in again soon.

luv Lin & Bruce Munro