Shaved my hair!

Shaved my hair!

Santa and Joshua

Santa and Joshua

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thanks is never enough!!!!!!!!!!!

Chuck is fast asleep in his chair, he seems to sleep better in the recliner now then the bed. I wanted to take this opportunity to send our thanks to everyone again that stops by and reads our posts. It helps us to know so many people care and love us. We are still in awe at the kind gesture Rich and Rachelle are making on behalf of the Toronto Argonauts. We will be listening in on 590 that's for sure. (For any of you that want to listen to them announce the coin flip and talk about Charlie here in the states, call us and we can tell you how.) The game is at 4pm. Chris, Mike & Rick please have a safe trip and give our best to Rich, Rachelle and the whole team. We can't wait to watch this on tape. I want you to know that when Chuck wrote in his blog on Saturday this has lifted his spirits he truly meant it.
As for Charlie's condition last night and thru the middle of the night. He is miserable. Can't seem to stop the pain/lumps in his throat. We knew this could happen from the direct radiation to the esphogas, but didn't know how bad. He's in a lot of physical pain and is just not himself. I think the pain is from that dang shot. We have to keep the girls away from him, as of course they have developed colds and their shampoo just gags him. They aren't wearing any perfume or such now either. Anything they can do to help their daddy get better.
Well, again Thanks to all for everything you are doing for us. Your kindness will not be put by the wayside. (Hope that makes sense).
God Bless each of you and yours.
Hugs & Blessings!
Chuck, Michelle, Jessie & Erica Jokinen


Rich said...

There is no need to thank us for our using Chuck as our honorary captain. We know we play a game for a living and there are many more important battles which are fought everyday for life itself. It is our honor and it is us who should be thanking you for allowing us to use Chuck as our captain. We - the Argo's - thank you.

I have our film guy going to film the coin toss and will put it on a DVD for you - and I will put my DVD writer to work and see if I can figure out how to time record and will do the game for you also.

Again - thank you for your inspiration on this day - we will not forget you either.


brother Rick said...

Hi Chuck, Michelle & girls,
Chris and I are just about to leave to head down to Toronto. We'll be meeting Mike at the Steelback (brewery) Streetfest outside the stadium before heading on in. I'm sure we'll have a great time and will be thinking of you the entire time we are there.
We will not forget the fact that it is because of YOU Chuck that we are able to take part in this game in such a special and meaningful way. Again, a big thank you goes out to both Rachelle & Rich and the entire for making this all possible.

Anonymous said...

hi guys - just checking in & wanted to leave a quick note.
Chuck - how great is the whole Argo connection - that must have really been awesome. Hope you get to see it soon and with you as honorary captain they may actually win more games and who knows where they'll go from here.....
My heart breaks when I read Michelle's entries and know that there isn't anything we can say to make your pain less but just know that we care about all of you.
I know the going is tuff and probablly going to get rougher still. But you have each other to lean on - so hang onto your faith and know that everyone is thinking of you all and sending you as much positive energy as we can.
Take care, fight hard and hang in there, luv Lin & Bruce

Bunnie said...

Hi Charlie, Michelle, Girls,& Boogity:

Kellie Greene here, thinking of you all regularly. You're all in our thoughts and prayers. Keep your chins up.

Love yall