Shaved my hair!

Shaved my hair!

Santa and Joshua

Santa and Joshua

Friday, September 28, 2007

Update from Michelle

Hey everyone, Michelle here. I am doing the update today as my hubby isn't feeling good enough to be on here. So, you're all stuck with me.
Thanks to everyone who comes here through out your day/week to check on us. Things haven't changed much. Charlie did have his injection last Thursday and has been having good and bad days with pain. If you don't remember the injection is a medicine that is suppose to keep his white blood cell count up. The downside is the pain in his bones. His pain has come back in his hips and lower back. The other thing is it doesn't mean his counts won't go down as we learned this week. Monday he had a blood check and was back down to 3.1 after being at 7.0 on Thursday, just 4 days prior. Hoping it will benefit him as time goes on. He will have another injection next week and Monday they will check his CBC.
He is having days where he sleeps 17 hours or more, or he doesn't sleep at all. He's hurting so bad. I don't know how to make him feel better, other than massage. If anyone has any suggestions with deep bone pain, please let us know. Speaking of that, thanks so much to those of you that have made suggestions and even sent us different stuff to help out. It means the world to us.
A few little side notes about the rest of our life. Thanks again to Rachelle and Rich for making it possible to have Rick, Mike and Chris all at the Argos game last Sunday. Charlie would have gave anything to be there with his brothers and take his place as the honorary captain. Thank you to all the Argos that helped make it such a great day.
Erica made a big part in a local production of the Headless Horseman. She is very excited and it was her first real audition. The show is November 12th and 13th.
Jessie is getting ready to take Hunters Safety next weekend so she can join my parents in November to try and get some venision for us.
School is going great for the girls. Both having a little trouble in 1 class each. French 2 has Jessie knocked on her bum. Wich her cousin Meagan lived closer, we know how great she is at that. Erica's troubles still History. She just hates it. But is realizing she has to do it.
Well, guess I have updated enough, please know that my wonderful husband will be on here and leave you all a note as soon as he feels up to it. God Bless each and every one of you!
Hugs & Blessings!
Michelle, Charlie, Jessie & Erica xoxoxo


Mom said...

Hi Chuck

Well it is Fair week-end here in Bobcaygeon and I will soon be on my way to work in the Kinette booth until 8:30 to-night.

Thought we were going to get a storm earlier, but then the sun came out, it is being quite a funny day. The rest of the week-end is supposed to be all sun, so that will be good.

I echo Iva's sentiments, I wish I could remove the pain from you, I can only imagine what you are going through, but we all have to believe that what you are going through now will mean that you win the battle.

My prayers and love are with you always and I know Dad is watching over you too.

Tons of love to you and your girls

Olson4Racing said...

I want you two to know that I think the 2 of you are such an inspiration, and very amazing.

I agree I wish we could take the pain away does the saying pain no gain...well all of this pain is for you go gain a lifetime of happiness with your girls. I will be praying for the winning battle to be over soon so you can get on with your life.

Michelle you remember to take care of yourself during all of this, you are so strong, and yet sick yourself, how have you been feeling?

We are off camping this weekend at the local race track, it is a big 3 day event...even Bailey gets to camp...I think Harvey is camping to with Kellie and Gord, Boogity is missing out. We will be sure to take some photos and send over on Infield Parking of the weekend.

Well take care and I hope the weekend is a enjoyable one!

All my love and prayers...Misty (Olson4Racing)

Rich said...

We are in Edmonton tongith and will keep you in our thoughts as we play the Eskimos - know the pain is bad and the worst thing about that is that it drais all your energy to just keep going - hang in there a bunch - your box will be in your hands probably on Tuesday and will have the stuff from Rachelle in it to. Was unable to get it out to you before I left - but will do it on Monday.

Hang in there - and hopefully will see you sooner than later


Anonymous said...

Hi Charlie,

Thank you Michelle for the update, hopefully that blood count will stay up there so you don't have to have those shots anymore. I can't think of a thing to help with the deep bone pain unless it would be heat for 20 minutes then ice for 20 minutes, that helps with a sprain but don't know if it would work for you. Prayers and love as always are going to you and the girls of your life. We are off to camp when Dad gets home. Take care, love you.


Mom Lewis

brother chris said...

Thanks for the update Michelle. Big win last. Keep the faith. One step closer to the ultimate goal. Have a great weekend Chuck and Michelle, and everyone else. You are doing great Michelle, taking care of Chuck. And take care of yourself too. Hang in there bud! Love you.

Robynne said...

Hi from Parry Sound:

Sorry it's been so long since I left a note. Hope you are having a good weekend and are getting some rest. The end is in sight for radiation and I'm sure you will start to feel good again when it's done. All our thoughts and prayers are with you always.

Robynne and the gang

Anonymous said...

Hi Chuck
It does not seem fair that one should have to go through all the pain and hurt your family is going through. If only we could share it. It would be so much easier for you all. It is said
"If God brings it to you, He will bring you through it" So keep up the faith and we will all be praying for you.

Joan and Ken

Brother Mike said...

Greetings to all from Shanty Bay,

Chuck, Still have last weeks Argo game fresh in my mind. It was truly an amazing experience. I was so proud just to here Coach Clemons talk about you in his speech and prayer and then to here the P.A. announcer tell your story in front of 30000 people, it really touched us all. We couldn't thank Rachelle and Rich enough for all that they did that day and I know their support is ongoing.
I don't think a day goes by without talking about you with someone...a lot of people are thinking of you.

Take care, get well and I'll talk to you soon

Love Mike, Nancy, Thomas and Marley

Rich said...

Hope your week will be a good one and you have a chance to get outdoors in this beautiful Indian Summer we are having. Was a good win for us in Edmonton - you are our inspiration - John Brown got hurt during the game but kept playing - said if you could do what you do - he could too. I appreciate you.

Sending your package tomorrow should be to you on Wednesday or Thursday latest.

Keep the faith - you are in our prayers always.

Rachelle said...

We are on a winning streak together...presents coming will bring you a smile and hopefully make you feel better. I hope you will feel the love and support behind each signature.
On behalf of us all TOY...Rachelle

Anonymous said...

Hey Chuck and Michelle!
Hope that you have a great week this week and that your levels stay stable...each day/treatment that is behind you means more sick cells that have been destroyed making room for nice healthy ones...thinking of you and sending lots of good thoughts your way,
Sheila and family