Shaved my hair!

Shaved my hair!

Santa and Joshua

Santa and Joshua

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Yeah Argooooo's!

Woohoo, we are so happy that the Argo's won. It sounded like a good game. Unfortunately we did not hear the coin toss ceremony. I am sure it was exciting (for Rick, Mike and Chris anyways). Let this be the start of a winning streak all the way to the Grey Cup!
Talk to you all soon.
Love CMJE.


rICK2G said...

Coin toss got missed on TSN because the Edmonton win over Montreal went a few minutes late but our hearts were with the brothers and Chuck.
I passed on earlier messages to all in my e-mail logs to those who have met you Chuck, mainly at the Clarkes at Thanksgiving fun, and many others who have known your parents through Bobcaygeon.
They go from St.John's to Edmonton and a special hello from Dave and Steve last night.
Our thoughts are with you and Michelle every hour of the day and be brave girls because the fight will be won.

Marlene and Rick

Anonymous said...

Watched the game and tried to pick out the boys to no avail. Can't wait till Rachelle tells me how it went. I am sure it was truly a memorable time for them knowing this was all done for you Chuck. After today the whole Argo Team will be pulling for you. Keep the good fight going

Joan and Ken

Rich said...

It was a special day for me - thank you Chuck and Michelle - thank you Rick, Mike, and Chris - for your giving of yourself. Thank you Rachelle for involving me in this family's life. I will come to Michigan and meet you both - you are both inpirations to my life - I know the pain that Chuck is going thru and also the strength that you are getting from Michelle - and when I get up each morning to work at my life's love - I understand that my task is not nearly as important as yours.

You are in my prayers daily - and in my thoughts -

Thank you all again for enriching my life - especially Rachelle who as a friend makes a difference in so many people's lives - she is a unique individual whose capacity to give is unlimited. Thank you again to the Jokinen's - all of you - for your inspiration to do the most in life you can -

I am truely humbled to be involved with your fight.

Rich Stubler

brother chris said...

It was truly an amazing day! Apparently the PA announcer mentioned our names and Chuck's battle with cancer as we went onto the field for the coin toss. I never heard a thing. I was so oblivious to everything. I certainly soaked it all in. Rich, you are one of a kind!

Rachelle said...

What a day...Miracle numbers on the Jokinen jersey, Chuck as honorary Captain, a coin toss, a prayer of dedication in the locker room, article in the Sunday Toronto Star, shout out on the Fan 590, announcement at the game, the energy of those who clapped in support of Chuck - there was a lot of people who didn't know you sending positive energy to you and your family lots of love yesterday. Thank you for allowing us to join in your fight. The boys on the field, those who heard your story and all the fans in the stadium are inspired by your winning attitude and strength.
You are incredible Chuck....keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that I wasn't able to hear the game (middle of the night here!) but I am so glad that it made you feel better and to know that SO many amazing people are involved in this fight!
I hope that the next few days go well for you and that you find some relief for your pain, lots of popsicles I guess??
Big hugs across the miles,
Sheila and the Israeli cousins

Rich said...

Just to let you know - the team voted you and your family the game ball from the win over Winnipeg - reserved for our best player - all will sign the ball for you and I will get it sent off to you before we leave for Edmonton on Thursday along with a DVD of the coin toss and the game. Still working on the Bell satellite system - will keep you posted.

Hope today was better for your pain -

You were in my thoughts today as I prepared the game plan for the Eskimos - and will be calling on your strength again and again. You are my example of toughness and resilience and doing whatever it takes to win.

Thanks again for the inspiration