Shaved my hair!

Shaved my hair!

Santa and Joshua

Santa and Joshua

Monday, October 8, 2007

Does it have to be this hot in OCTOBER????

Hi everyone, Michelle here again. Charlie is fast asleep here next to me, and it's just too hot for me to sleep right now, so thought I would send a little update.
First off, HAPPY CANADIAN THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Secondly, thank you Chris, Jodi-Lynn & Jaden for sending the LIVESTRONG package to Chuck. We have our bracelets on and have started reading the inspirational information on survivorship. The cap is real cool.
Next, thanks to Rich, Rachelle, and the ARGOS for the autographed game ball. We received that this week and love it. Looks like the ARGOS are on a winning streak! Charlie is going to check with our Dr on Monday at his appt to see if the Immonucal is something she wants him to try. He has an appt at 10:15 and then starts chemo again this week.
He has been feeling pretty icky the last few days. Still having low back pain and just no energy. However, being the amazing man he is, he still wants to make our Sunday dinners and as usual made a great pork chop dinner tonight. One of his many talents, he has never made a bad meal. He's just the bestest!!
On the girls, Erica has brought her history grade up to a C!!! Whoooo hoooo Erica! Jessie, doing a little better in French, not quite there yet but working hard. Jess took hunters safety this weekend and is now a safe hunter!!
Well, talk to you soon and again HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!
Michelle, Charlie, Jessie & Erica xoxox


Rich said...

it was very warm in Toronto today - but took some inspiration from you again in our practice - we are all sore and hurting from the game - and practice was difficult - but we talked about you again in the defensive meeting - and you are still our rally cry - since we have had you as our captain we have not lost and we expect not to. Sending you all the energy in our room today - be well


Happy Thanksgiving to the Bobcaygeon crew

Rachelle said...

Just left mom, dad and Stephy in Ottawa - spoke of good Thanksgiving with horse shoes, family , chili, friends and football....good memories. glad to know you are moving forward in your battle and checking in with those you trust to help. It is warm and beautiful here, odd by all counts but enchanting none the less. We know you have another rough week ahead of you but trust in your resilience and family to lead the way. Sending you support and strength.
:) Rachelle

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlie

I just tried to call you to see what the Dr. said yesterday, but no answer, hopefully you are resting. At least the heat has broken, I know Michelle said that was really hard on you, more normal temperatures to come now.
I have to get ready for work, but just wanted to tell you that Dad and I love you and pray for you, we know that you are feeling bad (to say the least) but you are going to be cancer free soon!!!

Love to you,

Mom Lewis

Robynne said...

Hello to the TC crew:

We all got to see your great Argo Jersey this weekend in Bobcaygeon. Dad would be green with envy!! Glad to hear that Rich's package arrived. The Argo winning streak jumped to me and I won the Bobcaygeon Thanksgiving Football pool this year. I have never won one before. GO CHICAGO!!! Randy is still away and Cory has VB practice today, I have a staff meeting at 6 and then Cory and I are off to Bowling for the Family 2some. Busy night ahead. We missed you all at Thanksgiving, but you were all in our prayers. I gave thanks for all of my family but especially for all the friends who have rallied to help support us all during this difficult chapter in our life. I know that prayer works - so we will prevail. Stay strong through Chemo this week. Love to all from all of us: