Shaved my hair!

Shaved my hair!

Santa and Joshua

Santa and Joshua

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Good Evening everyone!

Charlie here and I am chilly! The heat wave finally broke and I think Fall is here. All of a sudden we got rain, wind and the temp has dropped from 89'F on Sunday to 51'F today. And tomorrow morning may hit a low of 39'F. Brrr. It does help with a more comfortable sleep though.
The leafs are now changing quick and we lost alot last night with the winds. We have got to get outside and finish picking up our summer mess before its too late.
Well, I got to watch a Maple Leafs hockey game last night, which was a treat, unfortunately the lost big time. I emailed one of their new players yesterday, his name is Jason Blake and has been diagnosed with Leukemia. He is still playing and is planning on doing so as long as he can. I hope his treatments do not wear him out and take away what he loves to do.
I am done my chemo for the week, and very glad. It just wears me out. I slep thru chemo, I slept when I got home, I slept this afternoon! I will probably go to sleep very soon for the night.
The girls are doing great, Erica had rehearsal for the play she is in at the young players theatre, and loving it, Jessica is at work tonight..not sure if she is loving that though.
And Michelle is helping me out which I know I could not do with out. Thanks Michelle!
Ok that's it. Kid Nation is on...kinda silly show, but touching at times.
Talk to you soon. Love CMJE!


Anonymous said...

Hi Charlie,

Good to read your blog, glad that the chemo is over for the week. Just wanted to let you know that we love you.

Mom and Dad Lewis

Cousin Lisa said...

Good to hear from you Chuck. You sounded a little better. Got an email from your Mom today. She sounds like she'll be glad when this move is over. I feel for her. Its a big deal. In so many ways. I remember when Mom left Bond Head. Anyway, Julian and I send our love. G'night!

Rich said...

Borrowing from you again for the game tonight - your energy and attitude have affected our entire team - thank you.

Enjoying the cooler weather myself - fall is such a great time of year - the smell of burning leaves is a great childhood memory.

Sending you energy - enjoy the weekend -


Rachelle said...

Glad you get to enjoy the rest of your week, fall is such a great time for renewal. Sending you lots of good energy and positive thoughts.

Rich said...

Thank you again for the inspiration - we needed something after the first quarter. Rachelle gave me a stone which has the word "Believe" etched into it - I want you to believe too - we have come from 2-6 to 8-7 - when it looked the darkest - beleiving in ourselves made all the difference.

Hope the weekend was great -


Robynne said...

Hello to all:

The heat wave broke here as well and it was 0' C when I got up at 6:00 am yesterday morning. Frost on the car!!! I was enjoying the warmth and being able to wear shorts and sandals. Oh well - back to: pants/socks/shoes/sweaters/coats/
hats/mitts/scarves etc, etc, etc. it tires me out just thinking of winter.

Glad to hear chemo over for the week. When is the next session and how many more sessions?

Randy arrived home last night from the moose hunt - no moose, lots of rain and cold weather. He was glad to sleep in his own bed after having been away.

Not much else new and exciting here. We send our strength,love and support as always and you are always in our prayers.

Love to all: