Shaved my hair!

Shaved my hair!

Santa and Joshua

Santa and Joshua

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It's been a while since I have been on..

Sorry I haven't been on here in quite a while. I have been trying to stay rested, it's seems that's all I do. I have been going through my radiation treatments this week, although I thought I may have to postpone a couple of days as my white blood cell count was borderline low again this week. I really don't want another Neupogen shot, which is suppose to help my WBC, as I am still having alot of lower back pain from the last shot I had.
...The leaves are really starting to change. On the news they are saying next week, they will be at their peak. It really looks beautiful out.
...Good news on the Baby Matthews front. This morning Claire had a baby girl. 8 lbs. 7 oz. They have named her Gwen. Congrats Jon and Claire.
...That's all for now. Hope everyone everyone has a great week.
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend!!
Love CMJE.


rICK2G said...

Great to hear from you Chuck and we know Michelle loves it when you can get on-line and say hello to everyone. She sure does a super job keeping everyone updated but it is great as well to have you send a message.
Canadian Thanksgiving is right but feels more like Labour Day with our summer weather. Remember all those horseshoe tournaments in what seemed like bad weather except for those "warming beers".
Dave, Steve and families will be here with us this weekend and you bet that once the kiddies are in bed we will have the photo albums out of those many Thanksgiving weekends in Bobcaygeon and you will be deep n our thoughts, discussions and prayers along with Michelle and the girls.
Have a great Canadian Thanksgiving and soldier on you brave trooper.

Marlene, Rick and family

Olson4Racing said...

Fall is beautiful....I still prefer summer so get out and vote for summer on the pole, summer needs to win not fall! I am pulling double duty this month...I work here at travel and then I head straight to the pumpkin lot to sell pumpkins, squash, straw bails, corn shalks ect. I do this 7 days a week for a month straight. I am trying to fight a cold I caught last weekend while camping. The camping/race weekend was awesome...will send picture over soon, next year you guys will have to join us. I think Saturday night there was 50 to 60 people partying at our campsite alone. I was fun fun fun! I hope that the WBC stays up so you don't have to have another shot, and I pray you get to enjoy some of the Indian Summer that we are having. Take care and chat with you soon. Misty

Anonymous said...

Hey Jokinen's! I am think about you! Wondering if all is ok? I sent a couple e-mails and I called you guys but did hear so I worry. I hope all is good. Erica must be getting excited as this is Homecoming weekend for her, correct? I can't wait to see her in her dress. Mike and I are doing great! Nana is not so good. Her heart is having trouble so she is going in for a cardiac cath on Monday to determine what they will do next. She will either need a different pacemaker or she will have to have open heart surgery. She is praying for God to take her in her sleep, either on the table during surgery or at home. She is such a pain in my behind sometimes. I go in on 10/17 for surgery of my own. No more babies! I am having my tubes tied. No biggie, it is outpatient and they do it laproscopicaly. I get to be off work for a week though and I plan to SLEEP in! :-) Tell everyone in the family HI, love you guys!

Michael Mitchell said...

Hi Charlie, not sure if you remember me (Michael Mitchell). I'm one of Mike and Nancy's friends. We met years ago up in Bobcayceon when Mike had all the Disney characters up for the weekend.
I've been following your BLOG. Wanted to share some support, and positive feedback.
I went through pretty much the same as what you are going through now. The painful Neupogen shots that make you hurt from the inside out. The chemo and radiation too.
Charlie I finished up with my treatment almost two years ago and I'm clean and couldn't feel better. Stay positive, and you will get through it.
Keep up the posts and I'll continue to follow.

Rich said...

Chuck -
Just seeing if the package we sent got to you. We will once again be calling on some of your strength and passion this week as we do battle with Edmonton Again. Great thought from Mike Mitchell - yes it is possible. Rachelle and I send our very best to you great thoughts and lots of energy this Canadian Thanksgiving.


Robynne said...

Hey Chuckles:

Hope this week went a bit better, and you will be able to somewhat enjoy this beautiful weather we have been having. We are of course gearing up for Thanksgiving, missing you and wishing you were going to be with us. Cory and I will head to Bobcaygeon late tonight after he is finished work, Meghan caught a bus this afternoon and Jodi picked her up in Peterborough. My thoughts and prayers are with you today and always and i will be giving thanks especially this weekend for all the love and support you are receiving from everyone.
Stay strong, kep the faith and you will prevail.

Love ya, Robynne