Shaved my hair!

Shaved my hair!

Santa and Joshua

Santa and Joshua

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Long time no see!

Hello everyone, sorry its been so long. What a great week it has been. Still cold, but the past few days have been very nice, blue skies, and more leaves changing to thier fall colors.
Last week, we had tornado warnings for the area, and I believe we ended up with 6 confirmed tornadoes in northern Michigan Thursday night. 1 was just 45 minutes away and killed 1 person.
I am still baking up a storm. Apple bread, Italian bread, and tried a new variation, where I stuffed (rolled) pepperoni, cheese and a little tomato sauce in the dough and made like a pizza bread. It was Ok, needs a bit more tinkering though.
These week we attended Erica's Choir Concert. It was amazing. Alot better than I remember our concerts were when I was in High School. Every song seemed perfect.
I have been feeling great, walking alot, and building up my stamina. I have chemo next week, and then I'll be getting ready to get back to work. I cannot wait. I cannot believe what we have been through in the past few months.
I will have my follow up appointments with my Oncologists probably in January, when I am sure they will do a scan and see how everything is going. They need to wait at least a couple of months so that any inflammation will settle down before doing the scan.
Ok, that's it for now. I will try to get on more frequently.
Almost forgot. Woohoo for the Toronto Argonauts, winning again this past weekend. They have been unbeaten since I was their honorary captain. Lets keep the steak going all the way to the final game and win the Grey Cup! Good luck this Saturday against the Winnepeg Bluebombers!
Talk to you all soon.
Love CMJE.


Rich said...

Great to hear your progress - seems you are on the same role that the Argos are on. We are unbeaten since you came aboard as our captain. Once again we will be calling on your strength to help us this weekend - huge game for us - seems like we are both working to get to the top - lets keep on moving...


Anonymous said...

Hi Charlie,

Good to hear from you (of course I talk to you or Michelle everyday, but still good to read your blog). Glad you are getting out and walking and getting ready to get back to work, that is such a positive move for you. I am off to work myself now, have a great day.


Mom Lewis

Olson4Racing said... great you sound, it has been a while since you posted and I had been wondering what was going on. Sounds like you are feeling tons better and trying to fatten those girls up with all of the goodies you are making! I am so happy for you, keep up the positive outlook and have a wonderful weekend.


Rich said...

Thanks for your energy again - will be calling on it again next week. One more win and we get the bye into the playoffs.

We will be sending you energy and good thoughts this week. At 2-6 and things looked the bleakest was when Rachelle introduced you into my life - and 2 weeks later you were our captain and we have not looked back.

We are standing with you this week again.


brother Rick said...

Hi there Chuck, Michelle & girls,
It is amazing the streak the Argos have been on since 'we' became such a big part in the Argos family. We are so looking forward to coming to see you all in just under three weeks. Keep up the positive attitude and only good things will follow for you and the Argos!! See you soon.

Brother Mike said...

Greetings from Shanty Bay,
Just finished carving 2 pumpkins and decorating another. Hope everyone is in the Halloween spirit. Not a bad day here, near freezing early but warmed up nicely by afternoon, 15*C(60ish F)
Chuck, as always lots of people thinking and asking about you. Keep smiling and cooking. Lots of love and best wishes...
Mike, Nancy, Thomas and Marley

Go Argos

Rich said...

Looking forward to seeing how you came out of this week of treatment before you head back to work. Keep us informed.

We head to Saskatachewan this weekend to complete the turnaround of the Argos - we will once again call on you for strength and energy. We send it during the week and have to take some back on the

Hope you are doing well.


Rachelle said...

My gracious I wish I had your energy! It is so good to hear everything is coming around for you and your family. Knew it would...get through this next little bit and it will all be a memory.
Hopefully you will hear snipits of the game Saturday. I know the guys are counting on you.

brother chris said...

I will be the first to say that the week that Chuck finishes his treatments and prepares to head back to work, the Argos finish the regular season on a very high note with a convincing win over the Riders, and now have a bye week to prepare for the Eastern final. Coincidence, I think not!. There is no doubt in my mind the Argo's will not stop until they hoist the coveted Grey Cup!

Rich said...

Thank you again for your energy and your toughness - we were again fortunate to play well and have a bye this weekend - You are in our thoughts - wondering how you made it through the week...

All is good in Argo land...