Shaved my hair!

Shaved my hair!

Santa and Joshua

Santa and Joshua

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Long time no see!

Hello everyone, sorry its been so long. What a great week it has been. Still cold, but the past few days have been very nice, blue skies, and more leaves changing to thier fall colors.
Last week, we had tornado warnings for the area, and I believe we ended up with 6 confirmed tornadoes in northern Michigan Thursday night. 1 was just 45 minutes away and killed 1 person.
I am still baking up a storm. Apple bread, Italian bread, and tried a new variation, where I stuffed (rolled) pepperoni, cheese and a little tomato sauce in the dough and made like a pizza bread. It was Ok, needs a bit more tinkering though.
These week we attended Erica's Choir Concert. It was amazing. Alot better than I remember our concerts were when I was in High School. Every song seemed perfect.
I have been feeling great, walking alot, and building up my stamina. I have chemo next week, and then I'll be getting ready to get back to work. I cannot wait. I cannot believe what we have been through in the past few months.
I will have my follow up appointments with my Oncologists probably in January, when I am sure they will do a scan and see how everything is going. They need to wait at least a couple of months so that any inflammation will settle down before doing the scan.
Ok, that's it for now. I will try to get on more frequently.
Almost forgot. Woohoo for the Toronto Argonauts, winning again this past weekend. They have been unbeaten since I was their honorary captain. Lets keep the steak going all the way to the final game and win the Grey Cup! Good luck this Saturday against the Winnepeg Bluebombers!
Talk to you all soon.
Love CMJE.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happy Birthday to my Michelle tomorrow!

Quick note before I head to bed. I want to wish Michelle a very happy birthday! We will be celebrating her birthday Tuesday since Jessie works tomorrow night, so...chicken wings with home made bbq sauce (one of her favs) and my first batch of pumpkin bars for the fall season will be our cake! yumm.
What a nice weekend, still not alot of color, the leaves that did turn have fallen, but there seems to be alot of green leaves around. Maybe we will still get more color this week.
I knew I was starting to feel better this weekend, when I started looking at my pile of recipes. I started a batch of my Amish Friendship Bread Starter mix, so in 10 days I will be making bread and giving away some of the Starter mix. I also found what looks like a great Apple Bread recipe that I hope to make tomorrow. All the local Orchards have their apples out, so I can't wait to try the recipes. And as I said earlier I will be making pumpkin bars tomorrow or Tuesday. I will be pooped.
Hope everyone has a great week. Talk to you all soon.
Love Charlie, Michele, Jessica and Erica

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Good Evening everyone!

Charlie here and I am chilly! The heat wave finally broke and I think Fall is here. All of a sudden we got rain, wind and the temp has dropped from 89'F on Sunday to 51'F today. And tomorrow morning may hit a low of 39'F. Brrr. It does help with a more comfortable sleep though.
The leafs are now changing quick and we lost alot last night with the winds. We have got to get outside and finish picking up our summer mess before its too late.
Well, I got to watch a Maple Leafs hockey game last night, which was a treat, unfortunately the lost big time. I emailed one of their new players yesterday, his name is Jason Blake and has been diagnosed with Leukemia. He is still playing and is planning on doing so as long as he can. I hope his treatments do not wear him out and take away what he loves to do.
I am done my chemo for the week, and very glad. It just wears me out. I slep thru chemo, I slept when I got home, I slept this afternoon! I will probably go to sleep very soon for the night.
The girls are doing great, Erica had rehearsal for the play she is in at the young players theatre, and loving it, Jessica is at work tonight..not sure if she is loving that though.
And Michelle is helping me out which I know I could not do with out. Thanks Michelle!
Ok that's it. Kid Nation is on...kinda silly show, but touching at times.
Talk to you soon. Love CMJE!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Does it have to be this hot in OCTOBER????

Hi everyone, Michelle here again. Charlie is fast asleep here next to me, and it's just too hot for me to sleep right now, so thought I would send a little update.
First off, HAPPY CANADIAN THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Secondly, thank you Chris, Jodi-Lynn & Jaden for sending the LIVESTRONG package to Chuck. We have our bracelets on and have started reading the inspirational information on survivorship. The cap is real cool.
Next, thanks to Rich, Rachelle, and the ARGOS for the autographed game ball. We received that this week and love it. Looks like the ARGOS are on a winning streak! Charlie is going to check with our Dr on Monday at his appt to see if the Immonucal is something she wants him to try. He has an appt at 10:15 and then starts chemo again this week.
He has been feeling pretty icky the last few days. Still having low back pain and just no energy. However, being the amazing man he is, he still wants to make our Sunday dinners and as usual made a great pork chop dinner tonight. One of his many talents, he has never made a bad meal. He's just the bestest!!
On the girls, Erica has brought her history grade up to a C!!! Whoooo hoooo Erica! Jessie, doing a little better in French, not quite there yet but working hard. Jess took hunters safety this weekend and is now a safe hunter!!
Well, talk to you soon and again HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!
Michelle, Charlie, Jessie & Erica xoxox

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It's been a while since I have been on..

Sorry I haven't been on here in quite a while. I have been trying to stay rested, it's seems that's all I do. I have been going through my radiation treatments this week, although I thought I may have to postpone a couple of days as my white blood cell count was borderline low again this week. I really don't want another Neupogen shot, which is suppose to help my WBC, as I am still having alot of lower back pain from the last shot I had.
...The leaves are really starting to change. On the news they are saying next week, they will be at their peak. It really looks beautiful out.
...Good news on the Baby Matthews front. This morning Claire had a baby girl. 8 lbs. 7 oz. They have named her Gwen. Congrats Jon and Claire.
...That's all for now. Hope everyone everyone has a great week.
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend!!
Love CMJE.